Conference Topics

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

Sustainable Business Practices: 
Sustainable Business Practices 
Green Manufacturing 
Ethical Business and Corporate Governance 
Circular Economy Initiatives 
Green Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Manufacturing and Green Technologies

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: 
Innovative Management Practices 
Industry 5.0 and Advanced Manufacturing 
Entrepreneurship and Start-up Ecosystems 
Scaling Start-ups 
Corporate-Startup Collaboration 
Innovation and Economic Development 
Innovation Ecosystems 
Government Initiatives for Innovation 
Public-Private Partnerships

Supply Chain Management and Resilience: 
Global Supply Chain 
Global Supply Chain Resilience 
Supply Chain Resilience and Localization 
Supply Chain Resilience and Risk Management 
E-commerce Logistics and Last-Mile Delivery Optimization 
Supply Chain Transparency and Traceability 
Resilient Operations Post-Pandemic    

Advanced Manufacturing and Technology: 
Advanced Automation and Robotics 
Cybersecurity in Manufacturing 
Digital Transformation in Operations 
Agile and Flexible Manufacturing Systems 
Reshoring and Nearshoring Strategies
Sustainable Product Development

Project Management and Ethics: 
Corporate Ethics and Social Impact 
Future-Proofing Project Management 
Globalization’s Influence on project management practices and principles 
Adapting project management for the gig economy and remote workforces 
Anticipating and preparing for emerging trends and technologies in project management 
Sustainable Project Management: Ethics, Responsibility, and Impact 
Integrating Environmental Sustainability into Project Lifecycles 
The ethical dimensions of project management 
Measuring social impact in project success metrics

Economics and Finance: 
Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery 
Climate Economics and Environmental Sustainability 
Digital Economy and Technology's Impact 
Income Inequality and Wealth Disparities 
Global Trade and Geopolitical Dynamics 
Behavioral Economics and Decision-Making 
Health Economics and Healthcare Systems 
Monetary Policy Challenges 
Labor Market Dynamics and Future of Work 
Economic Development and Emerging Markets 
Data Analytics in Economic Decision-Making 
Mathematical Modeling in Economics 
Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies 
Digital Banking and Payment Systems 
Regulatory Challenges in Fintech    

Design and Marketing: 
Design theory and research methods 
Design organization, collaboration and management 
Design for sustainability 
Artificial intelligence and data-driven design 
Industrial design 
Engineering design practice 
Design methods and tools 
AI in graphic design 
Digital marketing

Engineering and Construction: 
Structural and Civil Engineering 
Urban Planning 
Sustainable construction practices 
Cost Analysis 
Risk Management 
Leadership in engineering and construction

Environmental Engineering

Sustainable Environmental Practice
Sustainable Occupational Health & Safety Practice
Health Promotion Through Applied Computer Science